4. Diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis

In this week’s episode, I interview Dr. Salim Chahin, a neurologist here at Washington University who specializes in the treatment of patients with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). We discuss how to evaluate a patient with suspected MS using a case of optic neuritis. Dr. Chahin went to medical school in Damascus University School of Medicine in Damascus, Syria. He completed a residency in Neurology at the University of Iowa Hospital and completed a fellowship in MS at the University of Pennsylvania. He is a faculty member in the MS department here at Washington University.

Time stamps:

– 01:54: Dr. Chahin’s background

– 07:11: Nonmedical book recommendation

– 10:00: Clinical case of optic neuritis

– 10:59: Questions to ask in patients with suspected MS

– 14:03: Common presenting syndromes for MS

– 17:38: Characteristics of vision loss specific to MS

– 18:47: Neurological exam in patients with suspected MS

– 22:46: Lab workup in MS patients

– 28:40: Differential diagnosis for MS

– 32:28: Lumbar puncture in MS

– 38:14: McDonald criteria for MS diagnosis

– 42:56: Counseling patients with optic neuritis on their future risk of developing MS

– 46:14: Summary and key takeaways


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McDonald Criteria for MS diagnosis: https://www.nationalmssociety.org/For-Professionals/Clinical-Care/Diagnosing-MS/Diagnosing-Criteria