1. Diagnosis and treatment of migraine

In this week’s episode I interview Dr. Rachel Darken on the diagnosis and treatment of migraine. Dr. Rachel Darken is a Neurologist here at Washington University who treats patients with headache and sleep disorders. She got her MD and PhD from Cornell University. She completed a Neurology residency here at Washington University followed by a research fellowship and became a faculty member at Washington University after completion of her fellowship.

Time stamps:

  • 1:18: Introduction and professional development
  • 9:20: Migraine patient case
  • 10:20: Approaching patients with headache
  • 23:27: Screening for migraine aura
  • 27:35: Neurological exam for headache
  • 31:20: International classification of headache disorders (ICHD) 3 criteria
  • 33:40: Lab workup and neuroimaging
  • 35:30: Family history in migraine
  • 37:32: Patient education
  • 38:50: Approach to treatment
  • 43:40: Acute treatment options
  • 49:35: Nonpharmacologic treatment for migraines/ trigger identification
  • 51:15: Headache diary for migraine
  • 53:45: Modifying treatment to response/patient education
  • 58:00: Migraine prognosis


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